Sunday, June 8, 2008

Not "Mickey Blue Eyes"

Wow, Mickey Blue Eyes came inside our house for the first time today.  Ever so cautious, he inched inside the front door and explored the living room while we were drinking and watching TV.  I tapped the couch, he climbed on for me to pet him.

Mickey comes here around 6:30 pm every night.  I'm out in the yard as soon as I come home from work, so I pet him and Jordan comes out to meet him too.  Mickey doesn't stay long, he just purrs and meows when we give him our love.  Twice, I have tried to feed him.  Once, we were having a BBQ and I fed him a piece of steak, which he ate.  The second time, I tried to feed him a fish stick, which he utterly refused.

There is NO WAY a stray cat won't eat a fish stick.  He mustn't have been hungry, but what stray cat isn't hungry?  Today, Mickey was hanging out, inspecting the inside of our place. He wandered in and out, all the way into the bedrooms and back out.  

At about 7 pm, Mickey sat at the front door looking out.  I saw him prance.  I told Jordan, "He is hunting something" and ran out in my socks in an attempt to see what he was up to.  I heard a subtle, "Hi guy, how are you?".  I ran over really fast to the voice and said, "Is he your cat?"   I had not even seen Mickey!!!

The neighbor was shocked, but he replied affirmatively.  I proceeded to tell the neighbor I was so happy that Mickey had a real owner.  I explained to the neighbor how Mickey was kind of finicky, hissed when touch certain ways, and Jordan thought he could not be trusted.  I told him that I attempted to feed Mickey twice, but once he did not eat.  The owner said, "Yeah, he is a weird cat.  He likes to be touched like this [pet cat] and he only likes two kinds of food [named kinds].  Please don't feed him".

The neighbor said the cat's real name was "NICKY".  He said Nicky adopted them as he originally belonged to someone else on the same street.  The neighbor tried to give NICKY a new name, but he wouldn't have it.  He has been living with them for 3 years.

Wow, no wonder he responds to the name we gave him, "Mickey".  It's crazy, he actually knows his name and can't recognize the difference between Nicky and Mickey.  Anyhow, the owner and I shared all kinds of tidbits about Mickey (we will continue calling him this).  

He likes to be pet a certain way, is a picky eater, and sleeps in his owner's BED.  So, WHERE THE HELL WAS HIS OWNER WHEN HE MEOWED OUTSIDE OUR DOOR ALL NIGHT?  Ok, so I had to ask the owner that (much more kindly).  He said, "Was it about a month ago?"  I replied, "Yes!" and the man said, "I was in Mexico!"

So, Mickey just wanted to sleep indoors!  Well, at least we know we can just enjoy him and we have no real responsibilities.  The owner said, "You are the orange house in the corner?"  I replied, "Yes". 

"He likes interesting yards".  

So, I take that as a compliment.  We have a stalker cat as he likes "interesting yards".  What the heck does that mean?

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Mickey Blue Eyes

He camped at our doorstep all night:
And he was there meowing the next morning:  

Friday, April 25, 2008

Pinchi Gato

I haven't done much gardening this week as I went back to work.
Sometimes when I come home, I harass the guys to have dinner with me outside, sitting on our camping lawn chairs next to our plastic cube-light patio table.   I love this table, when you come over I'll plug it in, but I need a real patio set.

We made friends with a gato today while we were outside having dinner.  He is white-orange, long haired and his is name is Mickey [mickey blue eyes].  Yes, in honor of my Hugh Grant boyfriend and Jordan's love for mobsters.  

Mickey is a little weird.  He is right now meowing at the door, he has been for a few minutes, but it's more like 20-45 minutes.  Mickey is persistent and strong and he never lets up.  If you can imagine a beautiful cat tweaking, that's Mickey.  He is fidgety and while you can pet him, he might turn around and snap at you if he doesn't like something. 

Mickey is a street gato, living the crazy life chasing birds and avoiding predators around here, but he has pretty long hair and he's tough.  He has the most amazing blue eyes I have ever seen and his paw will slap you if you try to get up to walk away.   Soon, I will take a picture of him, but I can't now (even though he is crying at our front door) as he might return night after night to annoy us.  GEEZ, HE DOES NOT LET UP!  I am listening to him as I type.

Besides Mickey, we have a thief.  These perfect cuts are evidence:

HOLY MACKAREL, I AM SCARED.  I am sitting here typing and Jordan comes out to tell me, "Do you see, he is looking at you through the window!"   Mickey is freaking me out.  Apparently, he's propped up on the window sill and is meowing and making occasional hissing noises.  I do hear him, but I've been typing this whole time and didn't notice he is stretched out, standing on his two back legs, with the front paws on the window sill.  All you see is this tiny little face, but he's spooky now!  I gotta go take a picture.

Friday, April 11, 2008